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September 9, 2006

Meanwhile, back in the Dark Ages

Presented without comment, the view from the op-ed pages of the Connellsville Daily Courier in Pennsylvania. And no, I am not making this up:

The United States of America no longer can be called a Christian nation. In fact, we could be called a nation of fools. We are quietly allowing our schoolchildren to be taught Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution although it is not supported by the evidence.
To the contrary, it has been proven that evolution is a scientific impossibility. It appears as if a fanatical cult has overtaken the scientific community, bringing lawsuits against anyone who dares attempt to contradict their flawed theory.
Now we have a generation of children being taught in school that they are just accidents of nature and have evolved from algae. Where are the 70 percent of Americans who claim to believe in God, and what exactly do they believe?
Even according to Charles Darwin himself, if evolution were true we would find evidence in the fossil record. There should be millions of transitional fossils, “missing links,” but not a trace has ever been found. Instead, the fossil record shows the sudden appearance, fully formed, of all the complex invertebrates and fish (supposedly the first vertebrates) without a trace of ancestors.
The Bible declares that God created the heavens and the Earth and all living things and all the evidence bears this out.
… The theory of evolution has suffered major blows through modern science. Creationism or Intelligent Design has been rejected because these scientists claim that it cannot be “observed or empirically tested in a laboratory.” But can evolution be observed or empirically tested? The answer is a resounding no.
… Critics point to the removal of any notion of God from public schools and its replacement with Darwinism as leading America’s youth down the path of increasing violence. Darwinism brings hopelessness and despair; Creationism brings value and significance.

And so on and on. The author is one Rosemary Fike.

And clearly deranged.

I am trying really hard not to comment.

But what is it about Pennsylvania?

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