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September 29, 2006

Walk with me

And in yet more U.K. religious news:

An asthmatic boy was refused a place on a school bus and told that he must walk six miles home because he was not a baptised Christian.
Thomas Rosevear, 13, a pupil at a Church of England comprehensive school, was stopped at the door of the bus as his friends got on. When his mother, Lin, complained she was told that if she wanted a pass she would have to pay £270 [around $500] because her son was not a Christian.
Mrs Rosevear, a lapsed Baptist, said: “It is absolutely outrageous. My child is being discriminated against because I didn’t have him baptised. How dare they play God with demands like this.”
Her son, a pupil at St Mark Church of England voluntary aided school in Larkhall, Bath, had received a free bus pass for the previous two years.
Mrs Rosevear said:“My son’s lack of religion has never been a problem before, so why now? They let him into the school, so why can’t he get the bus just because he doesn’t share their beliefs? If they let him go to the school, why are they demanding so much money to let him get the bus there? It is hardly the most Christian thing to do.”

So who did the local council side with? The school:

A spokesman for Bath and North East Somerset Council said: “Children at faith schools who are baptised into the faith of their school and who live beyond the statutory distance from the school are entitled to free home-to-school transport.”
He added: “Tom was previously issued with a free bus pass because of an error in the applications system. We are investigating how this happened.”

(Sorry about the illustration. Can’t seem to find an image of a Baptist bus.)

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