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October 10, 2006


So… can you name a country where 77% of adults say they have felt the presence of a guardian angel or spirit guide? Where 43% think the souls of the dead protect the living as angels or spirit guides, and another 34% believe that souls in heaven can hear their prayers and intercede for them with God? Where 50% are convinced they will move on to an eternal afterlife when they die? Where 69% have tried to contact the dead by speaking, either out loud or in their head? (Not sure which is scarier.) Where 36% think the ability to communicate with the dead is something everyone has? (Although another 25% think it’s a spiritual gift that “only some people” have.) Where one in three people believe that the dead can communicate with us, but “have no power over our lives”?

Oh, and where more than half of adults say that their experiences with the dead have been “mostly positive”?

Iran? Afghanistan? Neverland?


I am not making this up.

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