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October 13, 2006

The kids Quebec forgot

While we’re on the theme of Christians being above the law, here’s a heart-warming tale from the frozen north:

Quebec has quietly tolerated evangelical schools that are not recognized by and do not have permits from the province’s Ministry of Education.
That leaves as many as 4,000 current students without provincially recognized diplomas if and when they graduate from the schools, Radio-Canada has learned. Radio-Canada is the CBC’s French-language service.
Claude Grant, a lawyer who represents l’Association des églises évangéliques du Québec, estimates 20 such schools teach a Bible-based curriculum to up to 4,000 elementary and high school students throughout the province.
… Charles Boucher, a Pentecostal minister at l’Église Nouvelle Alliance in Gatineau, on Tuesday had a Radio-Canada reporter visit the school affiliated with the church.
About 40 students attend inside a modest grey church building. Several classrooms within are lined with white cupboards and library-style carrels.
Boucher said schools like his are a response to the immoral curriculum at public schools.
“Certain teachings that are conveyed there are anti-biblical,” he said in French to a Radio-Canada reporter.
He gave teachings on sexual education and evolution as examples. His school teaches creationism instead of evolution as the origin of different types of plants and animals.
Boucher said his school’s education is based on an American program and uses books from the U.S.

Well, praise the Lord that we’re exporting something to Canada.

Quebec’s Ministry of Education has apparently been in “discussions” with the creationist “schools” for at least 15 years, but has yet to take any action against them.

As I said, above the law.

UPDATE 10/25/06: But not for long. It only took 15 years, but the Ministry of Education is finally taking action.

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