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November 27, 2006

In the wind

Has the Gentle Wind Project really been blown away? Watch this space…

The Gentle Wind Project’s network of affiliates may be dispersing now that the organization, which critics have compared to a cult, has stopped making its signature healing instruments.
Gentle Wind, formerly a nonprofit based in Kittery, Maine, and its affiliates have had locations in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Nevada and Hawaii. An affiliated organization, Allies For Trauma Relief, is based in Canterbury.
… Gentle Wind now is based in Sparks, Nev., but remains registered as a charity in New Hampshire. Its directors had lived in Durham, but court filings show they changed their address this fall to a rented mailbox in Portsmouth.
… Allies for Trauma Relief, cofounded by Debra Folsom of Canterbury, was registered there last year. Its initial mission, previously listed on its website, was to “facilitate the distribution and implementation of the Gentle Wind Project trauma relief technology.”
… Folsom said the nonprofit was formed to deliver large quantities of healing instruments to disaster areas and did so in more than one location. Those included Iran in 2004, several months after an earthquake there in 2003 killed more than 43,000 in the ancient city of Bam.
An annual meeting of Allies For Trauma Relief should occur by [end November], and Folsom said its board of directors may consider disbanding at that time.

Folsom, though, still thinks the people behind Gentle Wind are fine, upstanding folk:

“I have been associated with the project for over 20 years,” she said. “I have always known them to be people of integrity. I have never been mislead or deceived by anything they have done or said.” […] “I have personally seen repeatedly how these instruments bring people emotional relief,” she said.

It certainly brought relief to founder John Miller, says former sect member Jim Bergin:

We were told that John (“Tubby”) Miller was one of the highest initiates ever incarnated; that Jesus was a 4th level initiate and (as of about ten years ago) “Tubby” was purportedly at the 7th level. Because of his “high vibration” “Tubby” could often be found sitting on a sofa, with two or more women from his inner circle touching various points on his body in order to direct energy to “bring him into balance,” since it was so difficult for him to maintain health and “grounding” in such a “low vibration” as planet earth.

These days, Miller’s approach seems to be a little more arm’s length:

Cecilia Koester, an international field liaison for Allies, is answering Gentle Wind’s new Nevada phone number. The Gentle Wind Project — Hawaii website names her as an originator of that branch.
… But, she said, “we have no instruments,” and instruments are no longer available from Gentle Wind.
The organization instead offers free “telepathic adjustments” to callers for now.
“If people call and they are feeling upset or off-balance, we can offer them a telepathic adjustment,” she said. “People report they feel more centered and more balanced.”

Feel free to call (775) 825-7634 for your, uh, adjustment.

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