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November 10, 2006


So what happens when a completely unbiased organization (“much of the information on evolution in the textbooks has been proven wrong or cannot be proven at all”) polls a self-selecting audience of religious crazies about creationism and evolution? Not what it had hoped, apparently:

ChristiaNet.com, the world’s largest Chris-
tian portal […], re-
cently conducted a poll asking partici-
pants to decide whether Creationism or Evolution should be taught to children in the classroom. Participants could also cast a vote in favor of both being taught or for neither choice. Voters were given the opportunity to comment about their selection. Be-
cause ChristiaNet’s Internet community consists largely of people who claim to follow the Christian faith, the results of the poll were surprising.
Out of 527 participants, 269 believed that Creationism should be taught in the classroom. This figure represents just more than half of those taking the poll. Only 14 voted for an Evolution-only approach to teaching children about the beginnings and development of mankind. Thirty-four said the topic should not be discussed in school and avoided all together. The most surprising number, however, was the 210 participants who believed children should learn both theories. This number may represent an indecisiveness about Creationism among those who claim to be Christians.
One voter supporting the “both” category stated, “Creationism should be taught to believers and Evolution to non-believers because of diverse religious backgrounds.” Another commented, “So children can learn both and decide for themselves which one is correct.” A supporter of the “neither category” asked, “If highly educated people can’t decide - why confuse children?”

Well, “highly educated” people have decided—it’s only those folks who take directions from an invisible friend who seem to have problems here. And boy do they keep having the same old problems:

A Pro-Creationism participated stated, “Evolution has been disproved many times.” Another said, “Evolution does not make sense, if we evolved from apes, why do they still exist today?”

Bill Cooper, ChristiaNet’s president, said he found it “interesting” that almost half of the Christians polled “find some credibility” in evolution.

ChristiaNet, by the way, is a truly fascinating portal, with everything from church furniture to homeskooling “textbooks” on sale, and “blogs” that discuss critical Christian issues such as “What If Spouse Withholds” and “Was Hagar A Ligitimate Wife.” (Dang that homeskooling.)

I am not making this up. I wish I was.

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