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December 9, 2006

A reader writes…

Sometimes I truly wonder about the allegedly religious folk who send me email—I mean, they can’t really be that fucked up, can they? Or so completely obsessed with everyone else’s sex lives? Take, for example, the “short” email (after the jump, and unedited) I received this week from Pastor Scott Holtz, of Rivers in the Desert

God Is Cleaning His House By Scott Holtz

(It’s interesting that Jim Bakker just like Ted Haggard was also bi-sexual before being exposed for his hypocrisy. See Bi- Sexual Felon Or Hero - Jim Bakker? http://cnt10.tripod.com/bakker.htm. And Paul Cain became a homosexual.) http://victorybooks.tripod.com/apostasy.htm

Shalom Dear Friends and Warriors,

I will attempt to make this short and to the point as most everybody has read the shocking news about Ted Haggards tragic confessions this weekend. What you are about to read is not done out of any vindictive or critical spirit on my behalf but a deep burden of the Lord to signal and warn you with all my strength that the current leadership of the Apostolic/Prophetic movement of North America has reached a place of no return in what they have allowed into the House of God. Judgment has begun in the His House and what you are reading in the newspapers this weekend of the falling of Ted Haggard is just the tip of the iceberg of what is going to be exposed of others associated with him and the Apostolic/Prophetic movement he helped lead.... (For me to adequately detail for you how dangerous things have become, I have been released by the Lord tonight to mention specific names of ministers in this email, not to trash their ministries, but to attempt to expose a very hideous plan of Satan to deceive millions of Christians world-wide. I’m not a heresy hunter who feeds on the bones of fallen saints but rather a brother who passionately wants to see the glory of God. Unfortunately in all my travels the last 21 years, I have seen much compromise, gross Scriptural error, and demonic manifestations that have gone unchecked in the current prophetic movement. However, this is all changing this week...as it is time to let His justice system trigger and flow down like a mighty river to purify His people! Many of the hidden prophets are coming out of their caves of exile in this hour! Get ready to not be offended by us and our messages of ruthless and divine justice!!!)

In 1989, Dalit and I pleaded and warned the leaders of a local Messianic congregation we attended and were married in to not go out to Kansas City (Mike Bickle’s church) and have a well known “prophet” named Paul Cain prophesy and lay hands on them. God had shown us that this minister Paul Cain was a homosexual and was operating in something which he called “the mantle of the late William Branham”.The leaders of our congregation told us to be quiet and not spread our opinions to the other members because they considered themselves more spiritually in tune with what God is saying than Dalit and I. Being discouraged but still not willing to be quiet with this strong warning rolling on the inside of me about Paul Cain, God arranged a few days later for us to have a spontaneous meeting with the late Derek Prince. In this small and intimate meetings, we had the chance to share some of our prophetic concerns with Derek and he wisely told us a testimony of one of his best friends named Earn Baxter who travelled many years with William Branham. Before Earn had passed on into the glory realm, he told Derek Prince that at the end of William Branham’s ministry there was a strange thing happening. Branham had the great ability to operate in a very accurate word of knowledge from God but also at times seemed to operate in a spirit of divination! Derek Prince then went on as a wise sage to warn us as young bucks to have nothing to do with any in so called “prophetic” ministry who say they have the mantle of William Branham transferred on upon them!!!! No matter how many signs and wonders are evident!!!!

Paul Cain was the man Derek was making direct reference to and we held on to this secondary confirming prophetic warning from Derek despite being personally ostracized and rejected by many of the leaders and believers we knew at that wonderful Messianic fellowship. However, as we put quick distance between us and Paul Cain and especially those other ministries in North America who considered Paul Cain their “spiritual father” we noticed a very tragic thing begin to happen in that local Messianic Fellowship. Strife, division, presumptuous prophetic words, and then friends dying of cancer and many marriages washing up into the secular divorce courts. And to this day, that Messianic Fellowship is tragically no longer in existence....and my heart still grieves by what I saw enter in and because of the fear of man did not sound the warning louder.....

The following year in 1990 we moved to Brooklyn, NY to labor in the white harvest fields of the Russian Jewish immigrants and for the next 5 years really lost contact with the majority of the North American church scene as we were so busy in the Jewish neighborhoods of NYC. It was during this time that many of you will remember that we encountered fierce persecution form a ultra-Hasidic Rabbi’s who believed that their chief Rabbi (Menachem Schneerson of the Lubavitch sect) was the Messiah of Israel. Undoubtedly, this was another false prophetic spirit that also displayed signs and wonders and accurate words of personal prophecy to his followers of which God told us to stand in front of his headquarters one summer night and sound the shofar of judgment. And this false Messiah died 60 seconds later.....

When that happened God told me that I had obeyed Him to sound the trumpet to the Jewish people first and that our work in NYC was completed and now it was time to travel throughout the Western church and wake up His body and expose the false prophetic as we had obediently had done with the false Messiah in Brooklyn. It was also during this time that Dalit received a night vision of the World Trade Centers coming down in a divine judgment of God 9 years before it happened! So as we later faithfully crissed-crossed this continent several times over holding extended revival meetings since 1996, I believe God has carried over that same anointing to expose the false prophetic and divination within the Body of Messiah. That is the bottom-line motivation of this email dear friends and warriors!!!!

So here is our read in the Holy Ghost on what is happening in the Macro overview of the current “prophetic movement” with the exposure of Ted Haggard this weekend and what is just being the tip of the iceberg of what is coming.

The Major Problem - There is a very serious discernment problem amongst the leaders of this current prophetic movement! It is very, very, dangerous and let’s look at the trend from how I have seen it....

A. John Wimber brings in Paul Cain’s ministry to the forefront and proclaims he is the greatest prophet since William Branham. Paul Cain makes many public prophesies about President Clinton and even Saddam Hussein that have never come to past. John Wimber suddenly gets cancer in this period and tragically dies as does his son. Rick Joyner and Mike Bickle continue to push the ministry of Paul Cain and many other smaller “prophetic” ministries are conceived during this time. Rick Joyner later writes that during this whole time he did not have the slightest ideal that Paul Cain was sodomizing young men and had a alcoholic problem. The bomb shell is dropped quietly about the fall of Paul Cain less than three years ago and since then very little is heard about bringing in correction to him. Those who followed Cain’s ministry as their “father” in the 90’s are now distancing themselves from this very perverted mess. No repentance, no public apologies of presumptuous words given outside a letter posted on Rick Joyner’s web site of his sorrow for Paul Cain and wanting to see him restored back into ministry....

This mystery of silence induced by these leaders of this prophetic camp therefore leaves us with three options on how to resolutely judge them, who with absolutely no discernment, brought in the whole Paul Cain mess and debacle (remember we(Holtz) knew 17 years ago he was a sodomite...so why couldn’t they see it also?) Since these men are calling themselves Apostles/prophets (Rick Joyner, Mike Bickle, Bob Jones, and all those others who say that Cain was their spiritual father) but did not sound the whistle earlier about Cain’s character of sodomy.... We are left to conclude with three questions.

1. You who worked with Paul Cain are also totally deceived and are under that same effeminate false anointing and perhaps are also secret sodomites.
2. Or you knew many years ago about Paul Cain’s character but hid it to protect your own reputation.
3. Or you are not in the office of a true prophet as you project to be, but are rather teachers with a prophetic edge and that accounts for why you did not pick up on Cain’s sodom lifestyle earlier.... and also now Ted Haggard.

(I personally lean towards #2 and #3 concerning the men mentioned above who eventually notified the Body of Messiah about Paul Cain’s perversions after the damage was already done).

B. During this time there was a strong emphasis at the end of the current Toronto Renewal/Brownsville Revival towards intercessory based prayer and prophetic unity meetings(becomes more popular in Canada than the States). Cindy Jacobs leads the charge and prophetically installs gate keepers of cites; prophets and apostles; mapping out the cities for past crimes and reopening ancient wells takes precedent over evangelism. It is also in this time period that Wesley Campbell, Rick Joyner, and many others begin to introduce rated ‘R” movies into the renewal crowds as a way to prophetically “activate”the attendees. Mel Gibson’s charactership in the movie Braveheart is applauded and spread to many young people experiencing the renewal. This later opens the door to many so called “divine encounters” from people that now are habitually watching with no remorse or conviction watching demonic clips like The Matrix, Lord of the Rings, X-Files, etc.... Personal prophecy conferences comes in at an all time high and is promulgated also with Bill Hamon’s ministry. Chuck Pierce, Grant Jefferies and many others at this time fill the religious airwaves with prophetic warnings about Y2K is going to happen and we need to mobilize and get stocked up on freeze-dried food and buy Honda generators before Jan. 1st, 2000. Excess is galore and then courageously John Beveree attempts to bring correction into this plethora of untested and presumptuous words with his new book Thus Saith the Lord, but is rejected very strongly by many who flow in the prophetic intercessory-based unity movement ( i.e. Bill Hammond).

C. During this time also we see these same prophetic/intercessory based ministries blending to really conglomerate around the leadership of Ted Haggard in Colorado and many begin to relocate and consider him their new Apostolic/pastoral umbrella for the likes of Peter Wagner, John Bevere, Cindy Jacobs, Chuck Pierce, and many others. The growth at Ted Haggard’s church is very strong and essentially he is brought in to help sort out and “pastor” the ever increasing problems happening within the rophetic/intercessory movement. He is soon in 2003 pinned up as the poster boy for the Evangelical movement and serves as President and role model for millions of evangelicals worldwide! But it was in 2003 that Ted Haggard also began to reveal his own strange presumptuousness. He called in 2003 a prayer and fast for all the Body of Messiah to get up at 3:33am on March 3 (third month) because something wonderful was going to happen. And March 3rd, 2003 has come and gone and nothing has happened..... And at this same time Ted was secretly visiting his homosexual prostitute and wanting to snort meth! Could this presumption in the current prophetic movement be traced to leaders who are also secret homosexuals and also display an effeminate personality and not that of a masculine military commander? ( i.e. Paul Cain, Ted Haggard) ....C’mon dear friends why is it so hard for these leaders of this current trend of the prophetic/intercessory gatherings to see that it’s main leaders are using alcohol/drugs and sleeping with male prostitutes???? Does anybody have any discernment there or has the almighty dollar blinded them? Where is all the fiery preaching of John Bevere here in Ted’s camp since John moved his whole ministry up there several years back????

D. It was during this time God told me to write the book The Mystery of Lawlessness and to begin to preach even a harder 911 wake up call to the leaders of the Body in the Western nations! It was during this time that also the peacenik bless Israel/Jerusalem gathering gained momentum which I noticed that pushed a zeal for loving and supporting Israel ...but so few were actually really wanting to evangelize the Jewish people and boldly lifting up the name of Jesus! I began to confront in loving zeal these leaders of this movement and I noticed right away in my conversation with them that they exhibited an effeminate personality and also most camouflaged homosexuality..... And yes, Ted Haggard was also at the top echelons of leadership for this bless Israel movement.

So that brings me to some conclusions as we all have had our hearts saddened and deeply grieved by the facts we are now hearing coming out of the dark secret life that ruled in Ted Haggard while he at the same time provided oversight for the major players in the current prophetic movement.

1. Where were all the so called Prophets and Apostles years earlier with their discernment radar screens in code red when they spent so much time with their pastor Ted Haggard whom they were so submitted to????? Homosexuality is very easy to spot in a leader! What is the real story of why did Peter Wagner; John Bevere; Chuck Pierce; Cindy Jacobs; not openly confront Ted Haggard’s character many years ago????? These type of sins of this caliber (see Romans 1) do not happen overnight! He is going down as one of the biggest liars and deceivers of our modern Christendom! Folks, this is bigger than Jimmy Swagart and Jimmy Baker put together!!!!! This situation with Ted Haggard and all those in the Apostolic/Prophetic movement that rallied around him is very far reaching!!!!! Oh God, have mercy on his sweet wife and five children!!!!!

2) I wholeheartedly believe in mercy, forgiveness, and restoration for Ted Haggard and that hopefully will happen. But why not take the next bold step (for the safety of the Body and our children) and demand a full audit of all the others ministries that hung around Haggard. Which one of them are also closet homosexuals or lesbians that are about to have a similar train wrecks!!!! That homosexual spirit attracts around itself those with the same characteristics!!!!! Are we just going to stop with restoration here for Haggard without cleaning out the rest of the barn????? The prophetic movement neatly swept the sodomite issue with Paul Cain and Roberts Lairdon under the rug of “compassionism”. Are we going to do the same with this very big scandal with Ted Haggard too????

3) Isn’t it interesting today what is in the headlines this Sunday November 5th, 2006. Saddam Hussein is going to be hanged for being one of the leading terrorists of our generation. And the other article on the front page next to it is the Sodomy and lies of Ted Haggard for being one of the spiritual leaders of our generation! I see the handwriting on the wall folks! God is judging the leaders of the dark and of the light!!!!

4) My heart is so saddened that I can’t write much more this evening so let me just sigh and sign off and enter into intercession for these men and woman I have written about here that have labored for our Lord but maybe unknowing are caught up in one of the greatest deceptions ever to hit the Body of Messiah coined by Him in 2 Thessalonians as the Mystery of Lawlessness...... I love these ministries mentioned above but can no longer be quiet about the compromise I see! Please do not be offended by what I have written ... but instead with weep with me....

In His watchtower weeping,

Scott Holtz
Rivers In The Desert International
P.O. Box 2788
Alpharetta, GA. 30023-2788

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