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January 18, 2007

Northern light

Scotland may be cold, but Frosty wouldn’t like it:


A film made by former US Vice President Al Gore on climate change will be shown in every Scottish secondary school.
Starting in August, every fourth and sixth-year pupil in the country will get the chance to see An Inconvenient Truth, Mr Gore’s stark warning on the future of the planet.
They will do so courtesy of the Scottish Executive and ScottishPower, the energy giant which owns the massive coal-fired Longannet station.
The announcement was made yesterday as Mr Gore attended a conference in Glasgow along with former United Nations weapons inspector Hans Blix.
Ross Finnie, Scotland’s Environment Minister, said he had been inspired by the film’s “powerful message” and thought the nation’s young people would be too.
… He said: “I am very clear that climate change is with us and is a real problem and that there is scientific backing to that.
“Anybody who has observed the pattern of this year’s winter and who thinks that nothing is happening has got to be on planet Mars.”
… The minister said he saw no problems with the executive co-operating with a private power generator to distribute the film.
ScottishPower, which will invest tens of thousands in the scheme, is currently developing renewables, including controversial wind power schemes.

The irony of ScottishPower sponsoring this initiative may have been lost on Finnie, but it sure won’t be to those who live in the shadow of its ageing, atmosphere-choking power plants.

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