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January 30, 2007

Scientology explained

Fantasy (Scientology press release, January 2007):

The Church of Scientology International released its expansion figures for 2006 this week and announced the launch of community outreach programs for 2007 that will far surpass any year in the Church’s history.

“We live in a world where conflict, crime and continual chaos dominate the news. It is time for positive and sweeping changes,” said Church of Scientology International spokesman, Rev. Bob Adams. “Working hand in hand with other churches, community leaders, government officials and a wide range of organizations, we are making a difference. And we expect 2007 to be the most spectacular year yet, in terms of positive change.”
… In far-flung regions of the world, Scientology Volunteer Ministers—best known for their disaster relief efforts—set up large tents where anyone encountering a problem in their life can go for help. Carrying forward the message that, “No Matter the Problem ... Something CAN be Done about it,” the Church’s Volunteer Ministers Corps numbers 87,000 in 114 nations.
… For two decades, Scientology Churches have sponsored a worldwide drug abuse prevention campaign. In 2006, in response to the increasing demand for drug prevention information, the Church launched a massive drug education initiative—5 million drug education booklets printed in 19 languages and distributed throughout 30 countries.
“We recognize that drugs—both street drugs and psychotropic prescription drugs—are the source of a multi-billion dollar industry that is ruining an entire generation,” said Rev. Adams. “Our drug prevention programs keep young people from falling into this trap.”
… From its flagship organization in Oklahoma, Narconon delivers L. Ron Hubbard’s solutions to drug abuse in 184 centers across 44 nations. Criminon administers successful criminal rehabilitation in 2,000 prisons. Applied Scholastics International saw to the introduction of L. Ron Hubbard’s solutions to illiteracy to more than 1.6 million people this year. And The Way to Happiness Foundation International has distributed copies of L. Ron Hubbard’s common sense moral code to 70 million people worldwide.
“Our programs are there to combat every one of society’s ills,” said Rev. Adams. “Drug abuse, crime, illiteracy, immorality, human rights violations—these problems cannot be ignored. And while the past year saw expansion greater than at any time in our history, 2007 will be even better.”

Virtual reality (J.Lo, January 2007):

“My dad has been a Scientologist for 20 years,” Lopez, 37, told South Florida’s NBC6. “It’s weird people want to paint it in a negative way.”

Reality (Australia’s Anderson report on Scientology, 1965, and still true today):

“If there should be detected in this Report a note of unrelieved denunciation of scientology, it is because the evidence has shown its theories to be fantastic and impossible, its principles perverted and ill-founded, and its techniques debased and harmful. Scientology is a delusional belief system, based on fiction and fallacies and propagated by falsehood and deception. While making an appeal to the public as a worthy system whereby ability, intelligence and personality may be improved, it employs techniques which further its real purpose of securing domination over and mental enslavement of its adherents. It involves the administration by persons without any training in medicine or psychology of quasi-psychological treatment, which is harmful medically, morally and socially.”
“Its founder, with the merest smattering of knowledge in various sciences, has built upon the scintilla of his learning a crazy and dangerous edifice. The HASI [Hubbard Association of Scientologists International] claims to be “the world’s largest mental health organization”. What it really is however, is the world’s largest organization of unqualified persons engaged in the practice of dangerous techniques which masquerade as mental therapy.”

You can read the rest of the Anderson report (and other government reports on Scientology) here, and find out even more about the reality of Scientology here.

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