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February 20, 2007

Haggard’s little white lays

You may recall the miraculous news, just two weeks ago, that Pastor Ted Haggard had been cured of his gayness, and had emerged from three weeks of intensive counseling “completely heterosexual.” Moreover, one of the “overseers” who “cured” him told the Denver Post that pastor Ted’s sexual contact with men was “limited to his accuser.”

Hey, that’s the kind of little lifestyle mistake anyone could make.

You may also recall my suggestion that Pastor Ted didn’t seem to have been cured of his dishonesty. Which makes this little nugget in the Post all the more, er, gratifying:

The Rev. Ted Haggard’s former congregation was told Sunday that while an investigation uncovered new evidence the influential evangelical leader engaged in “sordid conversation” and “improper relationships,” the church can heal its wounds.
More than 100 days after Hag-
gard’s firing amid a gay-sex scandal, 14,000-member New Life Church received a progress re-
port from its board of overseers, an outside panel of pastors.
The Rev. Larry Stockstill of Baton Rouge, La., an overseer, read a letter describing results of “extensive fact-finding” into Haggard’s claim he had long struggled with a “dark side.”
“We have verified the reality of that struggle through numerous individuals who reported to us firsthand knowledge of everything from sordid conversation to overt suggestions to improper activities to improper relationships,” Stockstill said. “These findings established a pattern of behavior that culminated in the final relationship in which Ted was, as a matter of grace, caught.”

Ah, so not just one. In fact: lots. “Numerous individuals” with “firsthand knowledge.”


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