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February 10, 2007

Scientology dials for 9/11 dollars

Scientologists are nothing if not consistent: their strategy rarely strays far from Ron’s original recipe of tracking down the sick and/or vulnerable, then exploiting them every which way possible. And if you can find a clueless politico and unquestioning journalist willing to help, so much the better:

City Councilman Hiram Monserrate (D-Jackson Heights) called on the president to help fund a clinic for Ground Zero workers that many said has cured their Sept. 11-related ailments with a detoxification therapy developed by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard.

Monserrate tried the therapy himself and called the 4-year-old New York Rescue Workers Detoxification Project “a road map toward good health.” About a dozen Ground Zero workers who joined Monserrate at a City Hall news conference Jan. 31 said the detox therapy cured ailments they have suffered from for years since Sept. 11 that other treatments failed to relieve.
It is an intense regimen of physical and psychological exams, daily saunas and exercise, and high doses of vitamin and minerals, particularly niacin, designed to purge toxins from the body. Patients also stop other treatments such as asthma inhalers.
The group’s Fulton Street clinic has seen controversy in the past. A former Manhattan councilwoman who secured city funds for the program took political heat when it was revealed that she also accepted campaign donations from Scientologists.
But Monserrate, who urged President Bush to include money for the program in the $25 million he recently pledged for Sept. 11-related health care, said the Scientology connection should not be an issue.
“There’s a program out there that has restored health and restored the quality of life for hundreds of rescue workers that served during 9/11 that were not made better by other methods,” he said.
“The program doesn’t in any way, shape or form promote any religion, speak about any religion,” said Monserrate.
Jim Woodworth, the president of the clinic, said 760 Ground Zero workers have been treated so far, and 100 police officers alone are on the waiting list. The therapy is offered free to first responders and has so far been funded mostly with private grants.
He said he has seen the effects firsthand of toxins being purged from workers’ bodies.
“This lieutenant is coughing up concrete dust from the Trade Center five years later,” he said of one client.

Truly a miracle of Scientology, and terrific objective reporting by the Times Ledger’s John Tozzi (718-229-0300, extension 174). Perhaps Tozzi and Monserrate might like to read some real reporting on the issue (at Hollywood.com, no less). Or find out about another successful application of Ron’s famed detox regime.

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