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March 1, 2007

$3,000 down the drain

More from the country at the bottom of the evolutionary scale:

What students learn about evolution in books is “fake” and has no scientific value, a Turkish neurosurgeon said to about 50 students Tuesday.
Human life is a result of Allah, not evolution, said Dr. Oktar Babuna, a contro-
versial Muslim speaker.
In his speech, which was sponsored by Islam on Campus and cost $3,000, Babuna argued against Darwinism and said the only way to understand life on Earth is through Allah and the teachings of the Koran. Babuna said it is scientifically impossible for evolution to have occurred.
For example, Babuna showed a diagram of the human eye and said that the eye has about 50 distinct parts that help it perform all its functions.
It would be impossible for the complex human body to work without a higher power, said Babuna with a flourish of his hands.
To further prove his point, he said fish could never have transformed into land animals because their internal systems are entirely different than those of land animals.
“If there is any change in the gills it will malfunction,” he said in a thick Turkish accent. “Therefore it is scientifically impossible that the gills could adapt to a land creature.”
In conclusion, Babuna said, evolution is not a theory but an ideology that is aimed at convincing people to be atheists.
“Apes are apes, and humans are humans,” he said. “There is nothing in between.”
But he did not discuss any scientific evidence supporting creationism.

How odd.

Equally odd: according to Movable Type, this is my 1,000th blog post. Which makes me wonder: why am I doing this? And is anyone reading? If you are, many thanks.

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Yay, someone's out there. My work here is done ;)

Posted by: Stephen Ayer [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 6, 2007 10:28 PM

I read your stuff all the time and think you do a great job.I thought it weird that no one comments oh well keep up the good work knowing somebodys reading.lol

Posted by: ed [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 6, 2007 11:38 AM