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March 10, 2007

Brain drain

Stoopid—the board game:

A board game that seeks to help educate players about the truth of biblical creation is now on the market. The game is called “Intelligent Design vs. Evolution” and was created by Ray Comfort and Kirk Camer-
on, hosts of the television show The Way of the Master.
Comfort says the game is an entertaining way to teach Christians and atheists about the origins of life. He explains that the game is unique in that it uses brains to play the game — literally and figuratively — as each team moves around the board represented by a small rubber “brain.”
“And the team with the most brains [at the end of the game] wins,” says Comfort. “What we want to do is have the players use their [real] brains, because what I find about evolutionists is that is what they don’t use — their brains aren’t evolved properly, or something, because they don’t think very deeply,” he says.
… Comfort explains that the game highlights the order behind a biblical view of creation. “Transitional form — that’s what it’s based on,” he says. “[According to the theory of evolution] there was a big explosion, then there was a mud puddle and up from the mud puddle came this amoeba and it grew hands and legs, and it started to crawl and then evolved into different creatures and it took million of years.
“The whole thing is absolutely ridiculous because there’s no transitional forms,” he states. “Creation itself shows every animal brings forth out of its own kind.”
Reaction from atheists to the game has been strong, according to Comfort. “They really hate it. I took or five or six of [their quotes and put them on our website] — they said things like, ‘If you think Bush is bad, check out Comfort and Cameron’s new game — this is horrible.’ Real great quotes from atheists about the Evolution game,” he says. “We’re excited to have their endorsement,” he adds tongue-in-cheek.
But most importantly, says the evangelist, the game is evangelistic — and can be used to tell others how to have a relationship with Christ.

Isn’t that what Sarah Silverman has? Or was that with God? Whatever.

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