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March 17, 2007

Getting in touch with Jesus’ feminine side

Someone’s going to hell:

This* is the shock-
ing image of a nude Jesus Christ that has outraged Europe and has Catholics in revolt.
The image, which portrays Jesus with female parts, was created by a Span-
ish photographer for a new book but has become a major election issue there.
Two photo books featuring nude models portraying religious figures in sexual positions have led to political figures demanding to know how public funds could be used for the project.
Critics have argued it is one of the most disgusting wastes of taxpayers’ money ever and they have questioned the lunacy of the bureaucrats who approved such a grant in deeply Catholic Spain.
The books were published some time ago, but the issue exploded in Spain yesterday when the Right-wing Popular Party seized on it to campaign on moral issues for Spanish regional and local elections .
The black-and-white photos from artist Jose Antonio “Jam” Montoya include representations of Jesus and Mary.
… Montoya said the Popular Party was pulling a political stunt because the first of the images were published in print eight years ago and the second images were published five years ago. He said there was no controversy at the time.
“This controversy has been provoked intentionally by the PP with the coming elections in mind,” Montoya said.
The photos recreate religious scenes from famous paintings, but add erotic or pornographic elements to them.
One scene shows the Angel Gabriel holding his penis and moving toward a model representing Mary, who is seated nude on a sofa.
Another example is a photo titled “Saint Bernard and Mary’s Milk,” representing a woman with naked breasts and a veil covering her head. A man drinks milk from her breasts as if from a flask.
… The artist, however, said he didn’t intend to offend or mock Catholics.
He said his aim was to criticize what he views as hypocrisy within the Church, citing discrimination against women and homosexual priests, among other issues.
“The only reaction that I wanted to provoke was for people to become aware of the facts that truly cause harm to Christianity,” said Montoya.

You can find more of Montoya’s work—which is probably not safe for work—here.

*In the article, “this” has the, er, “female parts” blacked out.

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