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March 30, 2007

Yet more papal bull

The official Vatican recipe for sainthood: Take one dead pope. Add a mystery nun. Stir in an imagined disease. Season with a miracle “cure.” Et voila! A magical being:

A mysterious French nun, who was allegedly cured of Parkinson’s disease after praying to the late Pope John Paul, will be the main guest next week at ceremonies marking the end of the first phase of the process to make him a saint.
But her identity may never be known unless she decides to reveal it.
Next Monday, the second anniversary of his death, the Rome diocese will officially give the Vatican tens of thousands of pages of documentation and transcripts which propose that John Paul should be beatified, the final step before sainthood.
This includes the case of a French nun who was suffering from Parkinson’s — the same disease that the late pope had — until it inexplicably disappeared on 2 June, 2005.
“The nun will be at the ceremonies in Rome and the Vatican on 2 April, but so will thousands of others,” said Monsignor Slawomir Oder, who is promoting sainthood for the late pope.
The nun, whose identity is known to only a handful of clerics and doctors, wrote anonymously of her experiences in a Catholic magazine.
“I was losing weight day by day. I could no longer write and if I did try to, it was difficult to decipher. I could no longer drive ... because my left leg became rigid,” she wrote.
Exactly two months after the pope’s death, she felt the sudden urge to pick up a pen. “My handwriting was completely legible, my body was no longer pained, no longer rigid, I felt a profound sense of peace,” she wrote.

Doesn’t it feel great to live in the middle ages?

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