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May 17, 2007

Gentle Wind goes back to school

The mind-control cult known as the Gentle Wind Project is at it again, although now it’s targeting kids. Reno, Nevada-based KOLO-TV reports that a teacher at Mendive Middle School in Sparks, NV, “uses some materials from the program to help her students calm down,” and that the school’s principal is “aware of the teacher’s methods… but so far, [the teacher] hasn’t crossed any lines.”

That’s an interesting take on one of the nastiest little cults to take root in the U.S.—one that relocated to Nevada after it was shut down in its home state of Maine.

KOLO doesn’t name the teacher involved, but I’m guessing it’s Cecilia “Cece” Koester, whose involvement with Gentle Wind dates back two decades, and who variously describes herself as an “educator,” “educational consultant” and “international author.” Koester is well-known for foisting Gentle Wind’s quackery on kids—she even wrote a book on her “brain gym” work. Her specialty is children with “severe and profound physical and emotional challenges,” according to a now-defunct Gentle Wind Web site that Koester and her partner operated in Hawaii. In other words, targeting desperate parents, and taking them for every penny.

Time for Mendive parents to get in touch with principal Juliana Annand, and ask her what action she is taking to protect their kids from a cult whose activities have ranged from fraud to sex abuse. Annand can be reached via jannand@washoe.k12.nv.us or on (775) 353-5990.

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