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May 6, 2007

Vatican values

A few short paragraphs that tell you everything about Benedict’s Vatican:

The Vatican has reacted with outrage to criticism of Pope Benedict XVI’s stance on euthanasia during a traditional May Day rock concert in Rome that was carried live on Italian television.
“Attacking the Church is terrorism. Fuelling blind and irrational fury against he who always speaks in the name of love is terrorism,” the Vatican mouthpiece L’Osservatore Romano said in its edition [that appeared last] Thursday.
“It is vile and terrorist to throw stones at the pope, this time directly, while feeling protected by shouts of approval from an easily excitable crowd,” the daily said.
The remarks came after singer Andrea Rivera, a presenter at the concert, spoke out strongly against a decision by the Italian Catholic Church to deny a religious funeral to Piergiorgio Welby, a muscular dystrophy sufferer who ended his life in December by having a doctor remove him from his artificial respirator.
Rivera told a throng of about 400,000 people at Tuesday’s concert: “The pope said that he doesn’t believe in the theory of evolution. I agree, the Church has not evolved.”

And L’Osservatore Romano wonders why Archbishop Bagnasco, head of the Italian Catholic Church, has had to seek police protection following numerous death threats.

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