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June 18, 2007

Lunatics meet the Fringe

Edinburgh’s Fringe festival is discovering that Scientologists are a little thin-skinned when it comes to parody—particularly one as high-profile as Xenu is Loose!, a Fringe play that dares to mock St. Ron’s abysmal “Battlefield Earth.” (The play’s subtitle is “Cower puny Humans as the Dark Prince of the Galactic Federation rains Atomic Death once more upon your Pitiful Planet—The Musical!”)

Naturally, the cult’s spokescrazies are in fine offended form:

Church of Scientology spokeswoman Janet Kenyon Laveau claimed the play’s authors were misinformed about Scientology and advised people not to attend the play during its Edinburgh run. She said people interested in learning about Scientology should instead read Hubbard’s work online or in a library.
“We would advise people to find out for yourself from the horse’s mouth, not from some kooks,” she said. [...] “There is nothing in the theology or philosophy of Scientology about belief in aliens.”

Which is odd: because as Kenyon Laveau knows all too well, belief in aliens is at the absolute heart of the, er, “theology” and philosophy of Scientology. Take a look, for instance, at this (it’s a PDF document, so you’ll need Adobe Reader). The leaflet can also be found on the excellent Operation Clambake Web site.

Still, you can fool some of the people some of the time—including the Scotsman, which reported this story and is usually pretty reliable. It unquestioningly trots out the cult’s lies—that it is “one of the fastest growing sects in the world” (nope) and has “more than eight million members” (not even close—try fewer than 100,000).

But surely it’s true that we’re all possessed by the spirits of aliens murdered by Xenu 75,000,000 years ago?

Isn’t it?

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