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July 14, 2007


If there’s anything Christians truly want to believe, it’s that their hard-earned dollars will miraculously do the loaves-to-fishes thing. Enter British con artist Howard Welsh and his wonderfully named American girlfriend, Lee Hope Thrasher, who managed to take American Christians for more than $30 million.

And yet still they believe:

One investor of £60,000 [$120,000], Greg del Ferro, told the local newspaper, even as the trial was underway last July, that he still did not believe it was a con.
“It was about helping other people. That’s what Lee Hope and Howard were stressing. By all means they made mistakes, but they are not the types to deceive or take advantage,” he said. Mr Del Ferro wondered whether the pair may have had problems after inviting the “wrong people” to invest.

Sounds to me like they invited all the right people.

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